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Blackheath Window Cleaners

Blackheath & Greenwich Window Cleaners provide a window cleaning service in the area, we try not to use ladders if we can for the obvious reason so we have been using the Reach and Wash system in Blackheath & Greenwich which is very useful for reaching and cleaning windows above conservatories, conservatory roofs and skylight windows. Plus windows that are to high for ladders to reach, as you can see in the picture, we are cleaning the windows at The Blackheath Concert Halls in Blackheath Village.

My windows are high, how high can you reach?

Blackheath & Greenwich Window Cleaners are able to access and clean windows up to 50 feet. Most householders are unaware of liability if there window cleaner has a fall from his ladder when there are no safety points on which to attach a harness, so the ladderless method is recommended.

What areas do you provide a window cleaning service?

We provide a window cleaning service for customers in..... office window cleaning, restaurant window cleaning, whole blocks of flats window cleaning and retail park window cleaning, Care Home windows and Hotel windows.
Window Cleaners near Blackheath, Greenwich, Charlton, Lee Green, Lewisham, Brockley and Kidbrooke and Eltham. Residential and Commercial. We do venture out of the area for commercial window cleaning customers.

Blackheath Window Cleaners

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"Blackheath & Greenwich window cleaners are able to reach and wash windows that other window cleaners cannot reach"

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